Our Story

Doglando University is motivated to resolve conflict, created by restricted living conditions for companion dogs.

How Canine Enrichment was born…

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Teena Patel grew up as an acquaintance to wilderness, free-living animals, and poverty. Her childhood dream was to work as a Park Ranger in Kenya, where she spent the first 15 years of her life. 

Her aspirations were to protect elephants from poaching and prevent them from extinction, and at fifteen years of age, the possibilities seemed quite real and achievable. Then, her family unexpectedly had the opportunity to move to the United States. In 1994 she and her family abruptly moved to Florida.

During her undergraduate studies, Teena traveled to developing countries to observe and document the human-dog relationship in communities where dogs thrive as street dogs and free roaming dogs.

In a quest for a career working with dogs, she encountered her first dog daycare experience. To her surprise, it was unlike anything she could have wildly imagined. Baffled as to how dog-loving people portray the needs of a dog, she knew we could do so much better for our best friends. 

Between the summer of 1999 and fall of 2000, Teena Patel visited 32 doggie daycares around the nation. In pursuit to find out what was working, what was not working, and what could be done differently, she spent as little or as much time as she was permitted to follow around the staff at the facilities. 

When she returned from her trips, she collected her observations and data and complied it to detect trends, deficits, and opportunities.

This is how the concept of Canine Enrichment was born!

Our Philosophy

Doglando University is the leader in the development of Canine Enrichment. We are advocates for movement and purposeful living.

We believe in being intentional in our practices and empowerment.

Dogs have successfully lived with humans for thousands upon thousands of years.

Dogs are the only animal to live on every continent that humans dwell on.

We believe in their intuition and intelligence, and we will allow them to guide us in our endeavors.

Discover the pathway to pour your soul into the work you do and still have the freedom, time, energy, and personal fulfillment.

Our worldview and mindset are rooted in the belief that everyone can become a fulfilled leader because true leadership is the ability to influence ourselves and others to make positive change.

We believe that happiness and fulfillment are a result of unwaivering morals and values and progress.

We are rich in purpose.

We celebrate the problems and polarities/tensions that help us achieve our purpose because they create the energy to take action and improve outcomes. To that end, we cultivate the practice of analyzing the root challenge of any problem and refrain from use of labels, associations, interpretations, and judgements.

We honor life and all living beings.

We are congruent in our living at home and at work.

We believe in people! And we know collectively we will make a bigger impact than alone. We are open, willing, and sharing all of our knowledge.

Who we are looking for.

One of the most critical functions of being exceptional is being an advocate: for yourself, your employees, and your program. In order to do that, you have to advocate for change.

Being a change agent can be tough, but it is essential if you are going to accomplish your mission. The saying, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” is an important reminder when we’re scared to tackle that next big wall.

To get different results, you have to prepare differently. This is what drives our purpose, our work, and our outcomes at Doglando.

Doglando University is based on the desire to guide you in your business’ progression, best practices, and behavioral wellness.

We want you to stand out and be the only option for exceptional dog parents.

Our Mission

Teena Patel’s mission became to rediscover the long standing relationship that mankind has had with dogs and find new ways in which their brilliance can be protected, preserved, and promoted in the way we live with dogs today.


Every day we provide services that meet the needs of our dog parents, without putting at risk or at stake, the needs of each individual dog, his or her safety, well-being, and health.

Doglando: Canine Enrichment’s Working Laboratory

EST 2003

Doglando University remains steadfast in our belief of protecting, restoring, and conserving the human relationship with dogs.

Our far-reaching impact has saved the lives of thousands of dogs, and has revived joy in their relationship with their human counterparts.

We’re not willing to sit back and see what the future of companion dogs could be. We are vehmently passionate about dogs, children, and nature, and we refuse to witness the brink of extinction between humans and dogs.



Our Vision


Our distinct purpose was to create a business model that revolutionizes the dog daycare industry.

Modern life has removed the traditional nature of play that many of today’s dogs will never experience wholly. We want to bring nature-rich outdoor spaces into the world of domesticated, restricted companion dogs, through you!

We feel a sense of duty that is compelling us to connect with the heart-centered, intuitive, mission-driven entrepreneurs of our industry:  those who have been longing to radically transform their business models by dismissing the hard-held, outdated beliefs of our industry.

Research indicates that, when mammals play and learn in nature, they do so with more vigor, engagement, collaboration and cooperation than in wholly artificial environments.

Scientists and Researchers are now in agreement that dogs have complex emotional lives. By providing them with access to nature-rich environments and rich human relationships where bonding, connection, and relationships are enhanced, their care becomes immensely enriching.

Our vision is to boldly, yet compassionately:

  • eradicate indoor warehousing of dogs
  • dismiss the use of force, intimidation, control, and unnecessary restrictions
  • refute standards of care imposed on the natural development of a living being
  • debunk claims of socialization in situations that cause more stress and prevent rich social experiences
  • challenge the norm
  • create guidelines to protect, preserve, and promote behavioral wellness
  • honor dogs for their incredible abilities to adapt, cope, and thrive
  • seek to understand the function of the environment as the dog’s first teacher
  • release companion dogs to experience the ultimate freedom of being off leash
  • restore canine resilience
  • foster advanced practices of disseminating information related to enrichment
  • move our industry forward! (join us in leading canine enrichment!)

“We aim to give dogs the freedom and purpose they once had. Protecting them from the dangers of the “streets” yet honoring them with all the benefits of having more space, access to nature and a rich environment to roam, we were inspired to give companion dogs some of the simple joys of living.”


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