Officially, 2019 is behind us. Isn’t the concept of time fascinating? It has one pace. Yet, it can make you feel like it’s going by very slowly or super fast.

The speed of time seems to be largely determined by how much we have accomplished. Are we completely missing the point?

I think so. How different would it look if we measured the speed of time by how much time we spent “being“? For anyone who has come close to a near-death experience, you may appreciate more how valuable living is.

I spent every minute of every day being in the moment. It means that I am not preoccupied by what happened last or in the past, and I (quite adamantly) refuse to anticipate the next. It suits me so well because I enjoy being impulsive, timeless, and becoming absorbed in whatever feels fun.

My peers, family, and friends used to ask, “How can you live that way? You have responsibilities…” but when they became witness to how much I got done – how deeply I can focus and give myself, they stopped asking.

I don’t particularly like talking about me (in this way) but I also understand the value it brings for people, especially you – an entrepreneur with immense passion. And so, I feel comfortable to share with you the things that keep me sane, massively fueled, and on-fire most of the time!

Here they are:

First, I am a doer. I think very fast (people have questioned whether I think at all… funny!) and often don’t ponder about the “what if’s”.

If it feels good, makes sense to me, and punches my gut, then it’s undeniable there is something worth exploring, and I just get on with it. I am an even faster implementer.

This brings about change rapidly, and I thoroughly enjoy taking action and then learning… but this is not for everyone to do or to be part of. Just ask Nim (my husband).

Thankfully, we have an incredible team at Doglando, who thrives off this kind of energy and leadership (but we hire that way, or else it’s difficult to make it work. I can’t change me, nor change someone else, but we can all learn to appreciate our brilliance and make it work powerfully.

Second, I don’t allow for interferences in taking action. In other words, I’m hard to be talked out of. It’s not stubbornness (which I have been called many times in my childhood). I am tenacious, and I strive to be extremely considerate, inviting, and courteous of others: how they feel, what they think, what might get in their way or keep them stuck. Conversation and communication are greatly important to me, and to us at Doglando. (More than “thinking” is.)

As a young child, I was always told “Think before you do.” And it was the greatest insult… I remember feeling attacked, as if I didn’t think. I did. Now I have a better understanding of this… people project outwards their own baggage, and sometimes you are the recipient. Knowing this is not happening to you, but at you, is incredibly powerful – it allows you to possess great inner strength, compassion, and patience. Most of all, it brings you to a level where you can work successfully with others – especially those so unlike you. This is SO fun.

But back to taking action without interferences – I have found, throughout all my experiences (my own, and the ones others have had with me) that the most essential element absolutely necessary for comfort is communication. There is so much understanding to be gained by communicating effectively.

And third, you’ve heard me talk about this before – knowing why I am here doing what I am doing, and being deeply aware of what drives meaning to this existence, for me.

Again, going back to my childhood… the one thing that continues to be a constant in me is that I have always been vehemently passionate about things, and there has always been this strong force towards “right” and “wrong.” I can tell you so many stories from when I was as young as 4 years of age, and throughout my life, where I have stood up for what I believed was right, or against what I believed and perceived as wrong. These situations didn’t even include me. In fact, as a child, they always got me into trouble… “Why did you have to involve yourself” my parents would say with frustration.

Because who will it be? Who’s turning their attention to it, and how many are ignoring it and walking on by like they had blindfolds on. while “that” was going on right in front of them.

Whatever this is about, what I do know is there is a part of you that is “you“. That may be unique to you… and reflecting back to your childhood and throughout your adulthood, it may be connected to the things that light that fire in you.

Working with – and for – that fire in you, is much easier than trying to put it out. I don’t believe it ever gets put out… it’s our spirit (and I am not saying this from any religious belief, because that I am not).

Use that fire to fuel your beliefs. It is your beliefs that others will see in you and what you do. But more importantly, when your intuition feels derailed – everything you are doing is incongruent with your beliefs, then, you will find yourself in turmoil all the time. Its an unsettling feeling isn’t it?

New beginnings require new doings. Do “you”. Do nobody else. And when others see you tapping into your greatness, they’ll want to be part of it. They will become part of your fuel not water!

Happy New Year to you!

– Teena

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