Defining Enrichment

Since 2003, Teena Patel and the Doglando Team have developed, and continuously improved upon, a proven system for canine enrichment.

Enrichment Provides the Freedom That You and your dogs Have Been Dreaming About

Doglando University has created a system of organized practices and environments to introduce naturalistic conditions for “dogs to be dogs”.


Canine Enrichment aims to improve a dog’s physical, emotional, and behavioral health when in captivity, by increasing the range and number of species-typical behaviors a dog has when it comes into contact with its environment.


Captivity impedes upon a dog’s resilience and quality of life in massive ways. In the past, these impediments have often been overlooked and the benefits have been exaggerated. Nowadays, more and more consideration is given to the design of living spaces and habitats and their effects on influencing species-specific behaviors, with the aim to minimize stereotypes due to stress and boredom.


We look forward to a future in which we make even more considerations for the needs of all animals in captivity.


Our industry is tremendously lacking an understanding of a dog’s need for space to roam, freedom of choice, and their desire to create deep social connections with both humans and dogs.


Since 2003, Doglando University has developed a time-tested, proven framework for delivering enrichment in a way that is: observable, measurable, and unambiguous.


It is amazing how many people like you, are so passionate about dogs, and especially interested in dedicated to uplifting and enriching their lives.

We created the Canine Enrichment Academy as a space where like-minded, progressive, and relentless dog trainers, and dog daycare owners (with experience in modifying canine behavior) can become advocates of total canine wellness.

It’s a space that holds and supports each member, and advocates for transformative care, not just daycare.


Working Together • Disciplined By Nature

Enrichment has a potent effect on the lives dogs lead in captivity. We believe it is our obligation to serve them in as close to the same ways they would have if given the option to live free of our control.

Enrichment has the potential to revitalize our dogs and revolutionize our relationships with them.

The future can be so much better for dogs, and for those of us who care about them. But, that only happens if we keep ourselves honest and protect the true, usable definition of enrichment.

When enrichment is done right, we know it works, and in knowing it works, we are able to build on one another’s wisdom and leap from one discovery to the next.


If we dilute the meaning of enrichment until it includes every dog-related thing out there, then we dilute enrichment’s incredible, transformative potential.

Enrichment, by Doglando’s definition, is vital, useful, and measurable. 

En-rich-ment (noun)

  • en – the width of a unit of measurement
  • rich – abundant
  • ment – expressing the means, or a result of a species-typical behavior

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