Doglando’s Definition

Move  (verb)

  • to change in direction, speed, agility, position and manner through out all the possible stages of motion, engaging the whole body and all the senses.

Ment  (suffix)

  • expressing the means, or a result of a species-typical behavior (in a way that strengthens each individual dog in their behavioral well-being).

“Choose to become the vehicle of enriching lives through movement and nature, life-long.” -Teena Patel

Doglando has built a movement-rich life for dogs. We seek to observe our dogs move through four stages of motion: walk, trot, canter, and the double suspension gait. To achieve this, we recognized that the needs for space and opportunity must be created, and the concept of Canine Enrichment was born!

A dog’s body has the potential to move in tremendous ways. However, it’s important to recognize movement as a function of the environment.

Through the Canine Enrichment Academy, you will expand on the the idea of natural movement patterns and explore the richness of one species’ movement and its effect on others of its kind, as well as other living beings that also share our environment.

Movement is a lifestyle of the healthy. It’s quite typical to see senior dogs on our campus that have experienced the benefits of Doglando for their entire lives.

Movement Matters.

Dogs, like humans, are made up of energy… billions of living cells that need movement to attain vitality. The quality of movement a dog’s body is looking for is not one of impact and performance. Even more harmful to their health, is the result of the sedentary “don’t move” lifestyle they are forced to live.

Transforming every dog’s behavioral health begins with creating possibilities for movement in nature. This is where you matter!

Be bold, do different and have an impact on the lives of the dogs and the people you provide care for.

The Canine Enrichment Academy has been created to guide you in practice, so that you can extend the quality of life of every dog in your care.

Nourish their souls, their bodies, and their minds from puppyhood and throughout their golden years.

Choose to become the vehicle for enriching lives through movement and nature, life-long.

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