Our Why is Freedom

Thinking Differently.

The way we began thinking differently, was to give our dogs the freedom of space, and in doing so, our dogs created their own freedoms. These included the freedom to learn, freedom to express themselves as normal, freedom to be in nature, freedom to think, do, bark…

“Doglando became less about discovering something new and more about recovering something old.”

-Teena Patel

Our Motivation

In today’s living conditions, companion dogs are continuously made to compromise their wellness against harsh, unreal, and threatening conditions that given the option to exercise choice, they would certainly choose to avoid at all costs.

With the advent of training, behavior modification, medication, and overcrowded indoor housing options, dog parents have become accustomed to relying on these options that alone aren’t producing radical and transformative change.

Doglando University embodies change that promotes and enables enrichment.

Our motivation is deeply-rooted, because all of us at the Doglando University have experienced the influence of Canine Enrichment as life-giving and life-altering, both for dogs and their human counterparts.

Our Beliefs.

Our goal is to do business with people who believe what we believe:

  • Dogs thrive most when they can exercise their desires (much like us).
  • Dogs don’t need food, water, shelter and love, more than they need the freedom to be free.
  • Dogs need access to the great outdoors.
  • They need fresh air, open fields, trees, large bodies of water, dirt, snow, change in seasons and human company.
  • Dogs are healthiest when they are free to express themselves and we believe they are highly capable of avoiding fights, and forming rich relationships with both other dogs and other species. 
  • Dogs are incredible adapters… they have evolved alongside mankind and other animals for billions of years. We believe our environments are slowly killing our dogs.
  • Our dysfunctional lifestyles are contributing to their ill-health.
  • Dogs know how to co-exist, co-habitate, co-operate and collaborate… harmoniously with people, dogs and to a certain degree other animals.
  • Their intollerances (also know as reactiveness) are inadequacies created by their human counterparts.

Join us in becoming the fierce protectors, untiring advocates, and loyal companions dogs need.

Our work is quite simple: we exist because we have busted through the myths of: 

  • needing to be strict
  • showing who’s boss
  • needing to be an alpha
  • needing to take things away
  • needing to bribe
  • needing to motivate
  • needing to deprive
  • needing to use force, intimidation and pain
  • needing to control
  • needing to manipulate
  • needing to modify behavior
  • needing to train
  • needing to teach

These needs are ours (human), not the dogs’. 

And, as we continue to become more and more congruent with the way dogs think, feel, and do, we are merely experiencing the joys of re-booting a relationship that was once known as “man’s best friend”.

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