Enrichment for Dog Daycare Owners

Doglando University offers a methodical guide to your learning journey in Canine Enrichment, no matter where you’re starting from.

You’ve owned and operated a successful doggy daycare for years. You have experienced high-turnover, overwhelm, and exhaustion. You’ve also noticed that despite your well-intended efforts, happiness for your dogs could be achieved very differently.

You still have the fuel and soul to continue working with dogs, but you know “something needs to change”.

Upon discovering Canine Enrichment, you feel it is everything every dog should have access to.

You have a strong team who will see you through the necessary changes as you evolve into caring for your dogs by providing true enrichment.

Your path may begin by attending Canine Enrichment LIVE to learn about enrichment more in-depth.

Canine Enrichmetn LIVE will help you connect to your deeper purpose with clarity. And you will gain a visual demonstration of how different operating a Canine Enrichment Center is from a doggy daycare: for both people and dogs.

The next natural step would be enrollment into the Canine Enrichment Academy, for the full transition from daycare to becoming a center for canine enrichment.

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During this LIVE event, you will be able to clearly articulate a new working definition for the term “enrichment”, and as a result you will be able to identify, assess, observe, and measure the effectiveness of high-touch interactions and how enrichment differs from games and activities.

You will be inspired to create environments that are rich in stimuli that promote species-typical behaviors (behavior patterns that are normal, natural, and allow the dogs to thrive in nature). You will leave empowered to make change for your own team and dogs, and best of all, you will have the confidence to do so!

Canine Enrichment LIVE is a deep dive into what enrichment is and what enrichment is not.

Imagine the unimaginable. Through this immersive and experiential learning experience, you will discover your truest goals for your business and the impact you want to make.

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The Canine Enrichment Academy (CEA) offers the most advanced education, coaching, and consulting for the the dog daycare industry. If you are ready to fully transition out of doggy daycare into the work of Canine Enrichment, then this course is for you!

Through this course, you will develop a strong foundation to operate a proven model of care. You will receive step-by-step directions and training on all our systems, with a cohesive and organized internal plan for training your team to be able to implement all 8 Spheres of Enrichment.

CEA is a systematic training that approaches business training and consulting as a whole; not in parts. Through it, you will grow authentically, organically, and exponentially, with a tribe of ambassadors who are the change agents our industry has been awaiting.

CEA is not for the faint of heart; it is for the heart-centered, intuitive, mission-driven canine entrepreneur, who is seeking a massive change for the way we live, learn, play and work with dogs.

You’re not jumping into our model of care, you are taking our best practices, successful strategies, organized structure, and evidence-based framework to bring out the best of you!

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Canine Enrichment LIVE 

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