Systems-Based Approach

Whether it is related to how to do a specific job function, or building a stellar team within a strongly-rooted culture, its possible to keep “emotion and feelings” in a workplace, when the organization of the business is systems-based.

Systems are Designed to Function in Several Ways…

  • organize information
  • provide structure to procedures
  • allow everyone to function as a team with a common mission
  • enables your work to represent your mission
  • keep things clear and unambiguous
  • alert you when to take action 

A common misconception is that systems disable authenticity.

As a systems-based operation, Doglando University and its working laboratory- Doglando, has systems for everything!

The entire model of Canine Enrichment is based on one framework:  The 8 Spheres of Enrichment, which encompasses many smaller systems.

  • Structure:  At Doglando, we do not describe our play as structured play. It’s free play, guided by Doglando’s 7 Golden Rules of Play. So, the framework we teach in the Canine Enrichment Academy (CEA) is called the 7 Golden Rules of Play.
  • Systems:  We do not structure groups of dogs by size, energy, or age. The integration of dogs into groups is guided by Doglando’s Traffic Light System, which is taught in full-length through the Academy.  This system ensures that each dog has the skills they need to be successful in a group, and can perform the skills on their own and when asked reliably. 
  • Support:  Our dogs’ behavioral, mental, physical, nutritional, emotional, and intuitive wellness is fully-guided by Doglando’s Hierarchy of Needs, also taught extensively in the Academy.

After all these years of time-testing and proving our model, Doglando University offers you the best business enhancement that our industry has to offer… hands down and paws up!

You can achieve this through our programs:

  • Doglando Discovery Days
  • Beyond Dog Daycare
  • Canine Enrichment Academy

“This was huge in teaching me about Enrichment, and learning what  it means, and what these dogs actually need… I thought I knew a little bit, and I realized there was a whole lot more to learn, really going into depth…It has opened my eyes.”

-Mary Frances
Dog Daycare Owner

“Teena puts her entire heart into what she does and is a great trainer for people as well as dogs! Everything she does is to enrich and enhance the lives of the dogs she works with. She is incredibly knowledgeable and was always willing to answer all of my questions.”


Dog Daycare Owner

“What’s happening here [at Doglando] is, these dogs are being taught how to live their lives as dogs.…And it doesn’t just stop at the dogs. The dogs are just the way into enriching the lives of the people that have the dogs.”
-Elliott Rodgers
Hunger Hill Dogs, UK

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