Starting your Journey to an Enrichment Center

This Call Could Change Your Life, Your Business, and Your Impact

What are you willing to change?

To master canine enrichment, it’s not enough to just love dogs. It’s not even enough to have the drive to grow your business.

Mastering canine enrichment means learning to understand the world from a dog-centric view. Whether you’re thinking about a dog’s relationships or their body, where they play or what they say, seeking true understanding is the vital thing.

Creating an enrichment center means being willing to unlearn everything you know about caring for dogs. It means being able to reboot every aspect of your workplace with the question:

How can this element make my dog’s whole life better?

This demands humility. It demands courage! It means having both a radical empathy for, and a serious commitment to, the well-being of the living beings humans love and rely on the most: our dogs.

Do you have what it takes?

Are you ready to change your life for good?

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