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From the desk of Teena Patel, Founder of Doglando, the world’s first Canine Enrichment Center.

Dear Dog Professional,

We feel you: you got into this work because you love dogs. You want them to live well; you want them to be in safe and happy homes.

But, when you come up against the harsh realities of our work, you get frustrated– maybe even demoralized. It’s so obvious how our work results in overwhelm, frustration and fatigue – and just how difficult it is for you to keep from getting totally burned out.

The sheer volume of stress and suffering in our workplaces is unnecessary, and the outcomes we produce can have a profound and long lasting impact on the lives of dogs and people, yet the choices that are being made, information that is being sent, and education that is being taught takes you further and further away from any hope for change.

At Doglando University, we can give you your hope back and put you on the right track to develop an outstanding, unwavering and unsurpassable model of care. Our experts can teach you how to develop mastery and fluency in the realm of developing a rich and robust canine enrichment program. This will empower you to transform your mission-driven, service-based business into an uplifting, life-giving space made to heal dogs from their unique traumas of living as restricted companion dogs.

Like you, we believe every dog has the potential to be a good dog. So long as we meet them where they are and learn to center their needs in our actions, they truly can fulfill that potential.

It’s not a pipe dream to want a thriving, impactful, scalable service or business model, and it’s not in you to just do the bare minimum. You stand for something much greater. Deep inside of you, you have always known there is so much more you can do, so much more you can offer, and so much more dog’s need to heal the whole dog. That’s no dream. That’s a vision.

Let us help you make it real.

– Teena Patel

P.S. Are you ready to become our industry’s next change maker? If so, I’d love to speak with you about your current business model and your vision to transition to Enrichment. Together, we will create a plan for you.

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“The Freedom To Become Enriched. This has become our first obligation to the dogs we provide enrichment for at Doglando.”
-Teena Patel

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Roles Matter

We at Doglando University are not consultants, business advisors or coaches. Or maybe we are, and we just don’t think of ourselves as any one of them exclusively. Here’s why:

A coach works with an entrepreneur to help the entrepreneur improve performance in leadership, business or personal areas related to challenges that effect growth.

A coach doesn’t have all the answers an entrepreneur may be seeking, nor does a coach work on behalf of the entrepreneur in accelerating the growth or moving it forward.

The benefits of coaching can be tough to measure and are really dependent on the entrepreneur’s ability to make drastic changes and shifts while creating all the infrastructures to support those changes.

A consultant is an individual or a company who is hired to do something specific for the business. Some are industry specific consultants, and all consultants should be experts in their area, having access to resources, knowledge, experience and skill that can supplement the entrepreneur’s efforts. Unlike coaches, consultants get the work done without you having to do it yourself.

An advisor is trained in their area of expertise, and often speaks from experience or common trends. They may not fully understand your unique situation, and may not ask key questions to identify problem areas or areas of opportunity. They are masters in their realm of work and are often trained by their employers.

More applicable.

We are field researchers, change agents, ambassadors, curators, demonstrators and educators of a movement and part of a collective.

Field Researchers:
Since 1999 we have collected data with the aim to observe, interact and understand the human-dog relationship around the world, with immense interest in identifying species-typical behavior of dogs related to their existence in natural environments: street dogs, free range dogs and working dogs.

What has made them so successful throughout their evolution that is causing tremendous hardship to their wellness and living today?

Change Agents:
As change agents we promote and enable change to happen within our organization that hugely benefits: our dogs, our play professors, our members and our community.

As ambassadors we represent a specific model of care, responsibility and outcome for companion dogs, called Canine Enrichment.

As a curator, we are charged with the obligation to oversee the care of dogs as a vehicle to enhance the living experience of every companion dog. This gives us the opportunity to elevate their total wellness (which is often overlooked and severely deprived in captive living), in adherence of the 8 Spheres of Enrichment and least intrusive and minimally adverse behavior change strategies.

As a demonstrator, we invite you to observe our work in action, and can show you exactly how our work in Canine Enrichment is implemented to achieve the results we have. We are able to explain in depth the science, technology, mechanics and systems that guide our work.

As educators, we provide clear, concise and precise learning, and are able to guide you so that you are confident, able, and ready to take action on achieving the results you know you are fully capable of attaining.

The Doglando University is a framework, made up of systems, structures, and support that is time tested and proven to successfully guide you from the place that is keeping you stuck, to shining in your unique brilliance.

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