Listen, Respect and Search Their Souls To Learn More

Today, I’m going to share with you two messages that were sent to me personally. The first one from Amber, who owns and operates Animal Intuitions in Chicago, she was amongst the first of our team of Play Professors when we started Doglando.

She just recently found our podcasts, to which she sent me this message:
“Your podcast is like reaching into a dog’s soul. I love it. I’m binge listening.”

Last week, I received an email from a dog parent who joined us for the 6-week course: Core Lessons of Canine Enrichment on the Enrichment For Dog parents FB page.

He said, “Thank you for listening, and thank you for the love and respect you have for canines…”

I’m not sure how Amber and Bob wanted these words to land on me. In reading their messages, I was reminded of a paragraph from my most favorite book in the world. I will share the book and read that paragraph to you in today’s video.

Today, I am reminded about the true nature and power of Enrichment.

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