I am so grateful to continue to meet professionals in our line of work, who in these times of uncertainty, are becoming certain of two things, which I thought I would share with you today.

Think back to just a few weeks ago, when we were so busy, so overwhelmed, caught up in the day to day of the reality we created…

Maybe this was you… and you can relate.

This reality kind of ended up just taking a life of its own, and then you just found yourself consumed and caught up in it.

There were many moments of unhappiness… though there wasn’t much time to explore that, and maybe you were even afraid to confront it. What would happen if you sat with the thought that what you became, what your work became, was not what you ever had in mind?


I’d like to introduce to you Elissa Ferguson, from Chicago. I had the great pleasure of first meeting her through the launch of the 6 week course we are in the middle of on the Canine Enrichment Foundations group on Facebook; and then we met, for a deeper reunion – a meeting of the minds.

She has been highly successful in her dog daycare business, but there was always this lingering thought that she was not where she could be.

Pursuing personal growth allowed her to tap into the wisdom of her heart and reconnect with her soul. From there, it was evident to her that she must move towards a different future for herself, her team, and for the dogs she so deeply cares about.

In our discussion I learned these two things:

  • during times of uncertainty is where we become certain
  • during times of silence, downtime, and quiet, we grow in energy for new life

I also learned that there are incredible people out there who have been waiting for this season. This season has awaited them.

It is an answer, a blessing in disguise… the voice of the universe calling upon them to make the shifts they have been wishing for for so long.

It’s not like they just wake up one day during a dark, gloomy, scary period of time and say, “Today I am going to change.”

Every day, they make the time and create the space to be introspective. And each day they wake up more clear, more motivated, and more seeking.

I know I learned a lot about the function of “intrinsic motivation” in my conversation with Elissa. I hope there is something here for you as well.

Please join me in welcoming Elissa and her team to the Canine Enrichment Academy.

I invite you to allow this darkness to turn into light. It looks different for each of us… but the light exists in all of us.

Be brave. And only make the next one decision that allows you to move forward. Don’t worry about the rest… it will come in time.

I’d love hear from you!

Please leave me a comment below. How did today’s video serve you?


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