Developed by Dr. Susan Friedman, the Hierarchy of Behavior Change Procedures allows us to create massive change beginning with the environment.

“Choose to become the vehicle of enriching lives through movement and nature, life-long.”

-Teena Patel

Our understanding of the LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) guidelines require that our teachers and dog parents always use procedures that are considered most socially acceptable and allow the learner as much control and choice as possible during the learning process, and treat each individual of any species with respect and awareness of the learner’s individual nature and needs.

We take this a step further and include ethical considerations to our policies and practices that result in creating natural thriving conditions, not driven by volume and revenue, and protect each dog for his/her need of capacity, occupancy and space.

Learning with Love

At Doglando, we seek to prevent the abuses and potential repercussions of unnecessary, inappropriate, poorly applied, or inhumane uses of punishment. The potential effects of punishment can include aggression or counter-aggression, suppressed behavior, increased anxiety and fear, physical harm, negative associations with the owner or handlers, and increased unwanted behavior, or new unwanted behaviors. 

First and foremost, we meet each dog’s needs as defined by Doglando’s Heirarchy of Needs.

Second, we create environments that influence behaviors that are the most natural and species-typical, and reduce all conditions that can be potentially dangerous, threatening, harming or depleting of dogs’ wellness.

Third, we seek to advance behavior change through positive reinforcement-based and empowering practices, by creating routines and rituals that enhance our relationship with each dog and embrace learning as lifelong.

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